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The global pandemic and the energy crisis has highlighted the importance of “connection” and has forced us to adapt and connect in new ways. Having a webshop nowadays is becoming more and more important. We have been developing and operating webshops for 12 years, which has been our number one product line ever since, and on which our additional products are also based. Webshop development provides the opportunity to extend your sales strategy with a new sales channel for your business. With an ERP integrated webshop you can boost your sales growth even higher.

We are able to integrate any ERP system into our webshops such as SAP, Smartfront, Unit4, Progen, Merlin, Customer Card or even a unique ERP system. If you change ERP system, you do not have to redevelop the interface on our site, you just have to adapt it. Our webshops are fully customizable when it comes to UX/UI, functionality or customizing the buying process. It can handle any amount of product categories or sub-categories and users. With our wide range of additional products like 3D home design or augmented reality you can enhance the customer experience even further. By choosing us we provide you with a reliable background system so you can focus on maximizing the profit.

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Soós és Társa

"It was a pleasure working with Webbi. It's difficult in the IT market these days to find a web development company that represents real programming. We entrusted them with the creation of a complex ERP integrated web store, which exceeded expectations. Because of the good collaboration we have entrusted maintenance of the online store to Webbi."