Webshop development and operation

The global pandemic and the energy crisis has highlighted the importance of “connection” and has forced us to adapt and connect in new ways. Having a webshop nowadays is becoming more and more important. We have been developing and operating webshops for 12 years, which has been our number one product line ever since, and on which our additional products are also based. Webshop development provides the opportunity to extend your sales strategy with a new sales channel for your business. With an ERP integrated webshop you can boost your sales growth even higher.


Additional products for the webshop

Accessible mobile interface of your ERP system

Unique mobile interface

The product in the webshop can be colored and parameterized with our popular solution, which makes it easier to design and provides a real 3D customer experience

3D Planner

An essential solution for interior design online stores, which helps you place furniture and assemble the equipment

3D home designer

A simplified payment system developed by Webbi

Virtual ATM

Will enable you to access your webshops from one admin interface


Display products/equipment that are not there in reality, yet appear lifelike on the screen

Augmented reality

With the freight planner you can easily optimize your incoming webshop orders and your cars by license plate number, car type, weight, and customer.

Transport planner

Providing developers on a project basis

In the current economic situation, hiring an employee could be a risk. We take the burden off your shoulders. On a project basis, we provide developer, tester, network engineer, project manager or even a business analyst to achieve your business goals.


Other services

Webbi has more than 15+ years experience in IT Project Management. We ensure to maximize the project value in the shortest possible time.

IT project management

Our consultants are able to overview the operation of current, already existing business processes

Strategic consulting

You have an existing software but it’s not working well? We have the solution.

Software takeover

In the highly competitive online world, uniqueness is your strength. We walk with you through the website development process to ensure that your website not only stands out, but is better than ones that belong to your competitors.

Development and operation of Wordpress and other CMS sites

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What we are proud of

We had the pleasure to support the project of decorating children's hospitals, surgeries, waiting rooms, and wards so that children are welcome in a cozy room. In this project we ensured the creation and smooth operation of the website.


  • 15+

    years experience
  • 30+

    successful projects
  • 30+

    satisfied customers


Soós és Társa

"It was a pleasure working with Webbi. It's difficult in the IT market these days to find a web development company that represents real programming. We entrusted them with the creation of a complex ERP integrated web store, which exceeded expectations. Because of the good collaboration we have entrusted maintenance of the online store to Webbi."

Our customers


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